CNC Machine Services Help Produce the Finished Product You Need

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Business

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CNC machining allows you to have various options within metal services, including the technique and metal used during the process. This allows you to find the right service that will exactly produce the final product you need. Various services include threading operations, turning operations, 3D milling, drilling, boring, and engineering. Each service provides a different outcome, allowing you to decide what you would like your final project to look like. A company that provides CNC machine services can help you achieve your specific product goals.

What are Threading and Turning Operations?

Threading is the process of creating metal into a thin wire. There are many different processes when it comes threading which depends on quantity, budget, and machine options available.

Turning operations is the process of creating rotating parts by cutting away unwanted materials. The part is made by having a cutting tool feed into a rotating workpiece which will then cut away the unwanted material until the desired product is reached.

What is 3D Milling?

3D milling is the process of taking a solid block of material and using sharp rotating tools to remove unwanted parts. The process will end with a designed piece that is to the customer’s satisfaction. This process is the most common for custom CNC machining.

Drilling and Boring

Drilling metal is the process of adding different sized holes throughout the metal for various needs, depending on the project design. The most important aspect to look out for when drilling metal is choosing the right bit size. Depending on the metal and what the holes are placed in the metal for, drilling is a crucial part of CNC machine services.

Part of drilling is boring. Boring can increase the size of a hole, but it is mainly used to smooth out any rough edges made by drilling.

How Does Engineering Work with CNC Machine Services?

Engineering for CNC machine services is the idea of reverse engineering. Reverse engineering allows you to recreate a piece thaat may be missing from a machine or product. This allows you to keep your company up and to run even if you lost the parts book that came with the original product.

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