Come to British Columbia and turn all your dreams into reality – Alberta Hiking Tours.

Hiking adventure of your life

When it comes to guided hiking packages in the province of British Columbia, Canada, you should pick out one of the best agency such as BCA Tours who operates out of Alberta and British Columbia. They strive to be a leader when it comes to customer care, guide training, and environmental concerns. They can provide ‘Leave no Trace’ camping tours and the hiking adventure of your life. Also, they offer pre-set guided multi-day hikes, such as the iconic West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island and the Rockwall Trail in Kootenay National Park. Enjoy a day hikes and go back home after that and talk your friends about the 23km and two mountain pass Heiko’s Trail in Fernie, BC and the 5 Passes Trail in Kimberley.

Go trekking with professionals

Let professionals from BC Adventure Tours near you make your trekking tours dreams become a reality. They offer locally sourced and healthy camp meals, top end gear rental and partnerships, comfortable transportation, and local and certified guides. Dedicated company owners genuinely live and love their passions for the outdoors and the province of British Columbia. And do not worry, all necessary gear including backpacks, gaiters, hiking poles and anything else you may need are available for rent.

Authentic BC adventure tours just for you

Based in Kimberley, BCA Tours will guide you through authentic British Columbia adventure tours, incredible experiences, and all the breathtaking sights and activities this province has to offer. Their guides are accredited by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and fully trained and certified in Wilderness First Aid. These experts will assist you in preparations, ensuring you have adequate equipment and will take care of all the logistics involving transportation, fees, and all park regulations.

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