Commercial Boiler Repairs and Services in Chicago by Deljo Heating & Cooling

Ten to 15 years is the typical lifespan for a boiler. Any longer than that and you’ll likely start having issues. Maintenance or repairs can keep the boiler working until you’re able to get a new one. Here are some signs that your boiler needs repair.

1. No Hot Water
Lack of hot water is the biggest sign your boiler has a problem. It’s possible that your thermostat is turned down too low. Perhaps you went on vacation, lowered the thermostat, and forgot to turn it back up. But if it’s not a simple matter of adjusting the thermostat, you could have a larger problem. For boiler repair Chicago experts, contact Deljo Heating & Cooling for assistance.

2. Water Pressure Too Low
Perhaps your hot water is fine but the flow is weak. This could indicate a problem with the boiler’s pressure. There’s also the possibility that the problem is with the entire building. But if there’s no problem with the main line’s water pressure, then the boiler is likely the culprit.

3. Noises
No one wants to hear strange noises coming from their boiler. Bangs, clangs, whistling, etc… usually not a good sign. Some common causes of boiler noise include air in the system, ill-fitting pipes, and pump failure.

4. Leaks
It’s common for water to corrode metal. And since the boiler is full of water, it might show signs of corrosion over time. Corrosion can affect the inside of the boiler and the outside. This includes the pipes and valves attached to the boiler. Excessive leaks and drips require professional attention.

Need Boiler Repair?
For boiler repair Chicago residents should call Deljo Heating & Cooling. Get your boiler checked before you decide to purchase a new one. A simple repair or maintenance just might solve your problem.

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