Common Applications For Laser Trackers Including The Faro Laser Tracker

Laser trackers have been available for commercial use since the 1990s. Originally, companies utilized them as surveying tools. Since then, technological developments and a growing awareness of the capabilities of such modern types as the Faro Laser Tracker, have resulted in a growing industrial base. In fact, laser trackers are increasingly becoming popular in several industries.


Laser trackers, such as the Faro Vantage models, provide their users with accurate measuring equipment. They are capable of locating the target under trying circumstances and in difficult environments. Faro laser trackers can even find objects and items that are behind obtuse obstructions.

Laser trackers, such as the Faro Laser Tracker, can provide those who choose to employ it with precise dimensional analysis as well as quality control. In this way, they can help companies determine the correct positioning of parts, machine alignment, and component verification.


Applications for laser trackers span across several industries. However, they are more popular where the focus is on large-scale measurements. As a result, they are actively employed in:

  • Aerospace: They provide makers of laser trackers with one of their largest markets. For them, portability and accuracy combine to make this the best tool for wing component assembly and part inspection
  • Automotive: Here it is used for part inspection, assembly and the designing and production of dies
  • Tool and die: Used to digitize the surface of the die’s clay prototype

In reality, any application which requires a device to produce metrology of large scale components can realize the cost-effective benefits of laser trackers.

Virtually any application that involves large scale metrology has a place for laser trackers. For example, they offer an efficient and cost-effective option for aligning metal extrusion presses.

The Faro Laser Tracker

Laser trackers have gone from inspection tools to being a popular instrument required in manufacturing for precise measuring and proper alignment of equipment. The Faro Laser Tracker combines precision accuracy with speed and flexibility. This makes it an essential device in laboratories, shop floors, and assembly rooms.

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