Common Problems That Require Washing Machine Repair Services

The washing machine is a great investment to have in your home. Just like any other appliance, a washing machine needs maintenance to be able to deliver quality services consistently. Good maintenance starts with knowing how the washing machine works to be able to detect easily any problem it develops.

Although some of the problems you will detect may fall under the do-it-yourself category, it is important to leave every problem to a qualified repair technician. Attempting to handle some technical problems on your own can lead to a complete failure of the equipment. You should hire a competent washing machine repair expert once you notice the following:

1. The washing machine does not fill with water: If the inlet horses and screens are clogged or blocked with dirt, your washing machine will not fill with water easily. You need to read carefully the user’s manual to know where the horses and inlet screens are located for you to clean them and remove all dirt. Your washing machine will not fill easily when the temperature selector, timer, lid switch and water level switch are broken.

2. The washing machine fails to drain: If the washer does not drain as it should, you need to check if the drain hoses are clogged with dirty. Loose drive belts can also cause the draining problem and therefore require regular inspection. Drain hoses that are too tight can block the air that facilitates water draining, thus causing the draining problem. If you notice that the drive bolts and drain hoses are broken, you should hire professionals to handle them instead of handling them on your own.

3. Your washer doesn’t run: The power cord is the first part you should check once you notice the machine is not starting. Possible reasons could be that you forgot to plug the cord in or the cord is overheated. If the washing machine fails to start even after you have cooled the overheated power cord, call in an experienced Washing Machine Repair technician for further inspection and repair.

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