Common Problems with Social Security Disability in Missouri That Slow it All Down

The economy and government are in a place right now where Social Security Disability in Missouri should not be expected quickly. It takes a bit of time, and patience is required. Fortunately, studies have applied some of the more common obstacles in receiving payment. Can they be avoided? Sometimes. Simply acknowledging where they are and the most effective response to them will allow earners to have a plan of attack if the problem crops up. Below are three of the most common major obstacles in Social Security Disability in Missouri disbursement.

The Year-Long Wait Appeal

It takes roughly three to five months to get a confirmation on the approval. This typically cannot be avoided. It is a part of the process, and the trade-off society makes for even having access to Social Security. Admittedly, it is not ideal. Considering legislation’s current stance on Social Security, there will likely always be a sizable wait. The obstacle that can be controlled, to an extent, is the appeal waiting period. If a claim is appealed, there is a typical one-year wait until receiving a confirmation one way or the other. Some hire a social security lawyer to hasten this waiting period because a year is unacceptable for many people.

The Infamous Backlog

Every major city has a sizable backlog of completely unprocessed claims. This is another problem that is simply an extension of living in a populated and civilized society. Again, it is possible to hire a lawyer. Make frequent calls to let the agents know that this particular claim will not go unsettled.

Initial Rejection Based on Incorrect Data

Whether it is the fault of the person being covered or a technical error at the end of the agency, this is a common issue. Fortunately, quick-witted individuals can make a prompt fix to the report and resubmit. It will be prioritized higher because it is mostly complete.

These frustrating problems are natural. Honestly, they should be expected. Social Security is hard to pin down, and the population is aging in large volumes. Stay patient, and speak to a lawyer to find additional resources on Social Security disbursement.

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