Common Video Production Services in San Francisco

Producing a video is not as simple as it looks. Most people are under the impression that the whole video is shot in one go. In fact, video production is a pretty protracted job. There are many different elements that are brought together in order to shoot and produce a video before it is finished. There are several companies that offer video production services in San Francisco. Here are some of the most common video production services that you can expect.


Obviously, a large part of the work is done behind the camera. Before the video can be produced, it must be shot. The video production company will help you write the script and then shoot it. The company can also help with casting, bringing on talented actors to help with the shoot. The video will be shot from different angles using high-end cameras.


You might be surprised to know that post-production actually takes longer than shooting the video itself. In fact, most videos are shot in a few days. However, post processing can take several months, depending upon the changes that need to be made. Post-production is one of the core video production services offered by most companies in San Francisco. This process includes editing the scenes, adding different audio and video effects to the video and using CGI and motion capture to further improve the realism of the video. Post-production can be quite expensive, depending upon the amount of work to be done.

Release and Distribution

Many video production companies also handle the release and distribution of videos on different channels for their customers. The company will release the video on numerous websites and track the impact made by the video, thus giving you a better idea of its popularity and success.

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