Components of Hammer Mills Oregon Systems

In the feed processing industry, various ingredients need one form or another of processing. The feed ingredients include corn and course cereals, which require to be reduced to a particular size in order to improve ingredient performance and nutritive value. Many methods are used for achieving size reduction including hammer mills systems in Oregon.

Hammering is used to achieve adequately sized ground ingredients. However, other factors have to be considered as you choose your preferred method of grinding. Electrical energy can easily be wasted by excessive reduction of the size, causing unnecessary wear to the mechanical equipment and even possible poultry and livestock digestive problems. For more information on sizing your equipment, contact Leon James Construction Co., Inc through

Advantages of Using Hammer Mills

   Hammer mills are capable of producing differently sized particles
*    The units work well with any crumbly fiber and material
*   Easy to use
*   Require low initial investment compared to other mills such as the roller mill
  Minimum maintenance is required
  The particles produced by the hammer mill are generally spherical with polished-looking surfaces

Components of a Hammer Mill

The primary elements of hammer mills include:

  A release device for the introduction of material for grinding into the hammers’ path
  A rotor containing a series of molded disks placed on a level shaft
  Free-swinging hammers are perched from rods and run parallel to the pipe through rotor disks
*   Perforated screens
*   An air or gravity-assisted removal system for the ground product

The Feeder Design on Hammer Mills

The adjustable velocity vein feeder is used to introduce the incoming material into the hammers’ path. A feeder system of this type usually has a motor controlled by an adjustable controller. Operational speeds of the self-feeder are controlled in order to gain optimal amperage load in the central motor.

The Hammer Design

The placement and design of hammers is influenced by:

*   The rotor speed
  The motor horsepower
*   Size of the screen

In order to achieve optimal efficiency, the placement and hammer design should provide maximal contact with the material ingredient.

The Screen Design

The sizes of the open spaces in the hammer mill screen determine the size of the particle as well as grinding efficiency. Your hammer mill’s screen should be designed for optimal maintenance of integrity and provision of greater open areas. Newer Hammer Mills Oregon Systems also come equipped with air-assisted systems that help draw in air.

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