Confined Space Rescue Services Discuss The Importance of OSHA Compliance

Last year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a new rule that must be complied with whenever employees are working in confined spaces. This was in response to a study showing that approximately ninety deaths per year happen in confined spaces. Nearly two thirds of those deaths involve other employees who are trying to rescue someone in a confined space. This makes having a trained confined space rescue team incredibly important, for the safety of the worker involved in the confined space and for those who may otherwise try and conduct a rescue. A new rule was introduced, in order to reduce the risk associated with confined space work. Here confined space rescue services discuss the importance of OSHA compliance, especially in relation to the new rule.

What Is The New Rule?

The rule was implemented in May of last year, but a recent survey of contractors indicated that many were unaware it was now a requirement. In order to comply with the new OSHA safety rule, workers must evaluate the space, determine what hazards exist, how to launch a rescue if one is required, and what type of equipment is needed for the completion of the work and the completion of a rescue. These facts must be determined prior to the work being commenced, and there must be individuals on hand with the right equipment and training to complete the job, and to complete a rescue if one is needed..

Rule Applies To All Confined Spaces

This new rule applies to each and every confined space across industries and worksites. These include, but aren’t limited to, crawl spaces, boilers, silos, chambers, sewers, drains, and ductwork. A general guideline to follow is to ask yourself if a space is enclosed and if there would be a risk of serious injury or death from either a dangerous situation or from a toxic substance.

Employees Must Be Trained

This new rule also requires employees to be trained for working within confined spaces, and to receive retraining once every twelve months. This keeps the training fresh, and can ensure that all employees receive up to date safety training and information should there be advances made with respect to equipment or procedures.

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