Contact a OUI Lawyer in Crowley LA Immediately to Fight Your Charges

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Lawyers

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A person is driving down the road when they see a roadblock up ahead. It turns out, they’ve come across a checkpoint where the police are stopping drivers to see if they’re operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The person continues down the road and is stopped by the police, who then decide the person is over the legal limit for drinking while driving and arrest them. The person is going to need to make sure they contact an OUI Lawyer in Crowley LA quickly.

Is a Checkpoint Legal?

Yes. The police are legally allowed to set up a checkpoint to try to stop people who are drinking and driving. Although some people claim this is entrapment, it doesn’t meet the legal definition for entrapment since the officers did not convince the person to drink and drive, then pull them over and arrest them for doing so. That being said, a lawyer can make sure the proper procedures were followed during the checkpoint to see if there is any way to have the evidence from it dismissed.

Is there Still a Way to Avoid a Conviction?

Yes. Depending on the situation, there may have been mistakes made that meant the person was arrested when they shouldn’t have been. If this has occurred and evidence will show that there is a possibility that the person wasn’t actually operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol when they were arrested, the person’s lawyer may be able to have the charges dismissed for them.

How Can Contacting a Lawyer Quickly Help?

The faster a person contacts a lawyer, the more a lawyer can do to help. One way for the charges to be dismissed is to prove the person wasn’t over the legal limit and that the BAC (blood alcohol content) test was not calibrated properly so it gave a false reading. This is done by checking the person’s BAC at a hospital quickly after the arrest to determine the real amount of alcohol in their blood.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with OUI when you were stopped at a checkpoint, make sure you contact an OUI Lawyer in Crowley LA quickly to get the help you need. They might be able to help you avoid a conviction and the penalties that arise from this. Visit now to learn more.

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