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If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, were bitten by a neighbor’s dog, or you slipped and fell while doing your grocery shopping, you may wonder if you can sue for compensation. It is reasonable that you would think that you should not be responsible for the expenses associated with your injuries. Whether you should hire personal injury lawyers and pursue compensation can be best answered after asking yourself a few essential questions.

How Serious Was Your Injury?

If you sustained only a minor injury and you’ve been able to settle it amicably, there is rarely a need to involve an attorney. The situation is very different if your injuries put you in the hospital and you had to endure surgery, or you are faced with a long period of rehabilitation. If you believe you are going to face significant medical expenses, lost income, and unnecessary suffering, then personal injury attorneys can get you maximum compensation.

Was Another Party at Fault?

If your injury was directly related to a negligent act, it is very important that you contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. It is necessary to support your contention with evidence, most of which is best gathered, preserved and presented by an attorney.

Insurance Companies May Resist a Settlement

Even if you believe you have overwhelming evidence that a Des Plaines policyholder was at fault, an insurance company will often either dispute your assertion or refuse to settle altogether. The insurance company often tries to convince you that your claim is invalid. Even if they admit that you have a valid claim, they’ll try their hardest to limit the offered award. Personal injury attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies. If the company refuses to settle, they will pursue a settlement in court.

Personal injury attorneys can see to it that you are given a just settlement. If you live in or around Des Plaines, contact The Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC at website and request a free consultation.

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