Create a Productive Western Michigan University Apartment When Living Alone

One of the perks of living alone in off campus housing near Western Michigan University is being able to create your own routine. Your routine may involve areas or activities that help you stay productive throughout the semester. Use the following tips to create a student apartment that is productive on days of studying, classes and work.

Start by Setting up Your Entrance

The first thing you want to do is set up an entrance that makes it easier to head out the door for class, work or another activity. For example, a basket on a small desk or table can be used for your sunglasses, keys and phone. In addition, a message board can remind you of exams, projects and work shifts.

Create a Coffee and Tea Station

Another idea is to set up a coffee and tea station in your off-campus housing near Western Michigan University. The kitchen counter is a great spot for your coffee and tea station. Spending some time alone with your favorite beverage can motivate you to do your best in school or at work.

Separate Your Sleep and Study Areas

Living in your student apartment alone makes it easier to study for exams and work on projects. However, separating your sleep and study areas makes it easier to rest as needed. It is best to set up a study area in another room of your apartment, but you can also take advantage of the community study rooms.

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