Custom Blow Molding Offers Many Benefits

Does your business rely on plastic bottles or containers? Each day millions of products are created with custom blow molding methods. The manufacturers can create a wide range of containers, and your company may benefit in several ways.

How Custom Blow Molding Works

A machine extrudes plastic sleeves or blanks, and they are cut and placed into molds. The blanks are still warm and soft when air is injected into them inside the mold. The blank expands, filling the mold with the desired shape of the plastic container. The flashing is removed, and the container gets checked for leaks. The entire process is fast and efficient.

Saving Time

With older methods, plastic containers were molded in halves and then joined together. Today, it is possible to create complex shapes in one piece. This can save a great deal of time because there is no need to assemble or glue more than one part together.

High Volume Production

With high tech machinery and equipment, the entire process of manufacturing plastic containers only takes seconds. Every step is fully automated. It is possible to create thousands of bottles each day. When you produce containers in large volumes quickly, you cut costs while raising efficiency.


Are you thinking about installing your own extrusion/blow mold equipment? If so, you need to think about the installation costs and upkeep on machinery. There are also labor costs to figure in. Yet, none of these costs are necessary because you can buy your containers “readymade” from your custom blow molding company.

Environmentally Friendly

Most plastic containers are recycled these days. However, even the manufacturing process is eco-friendly. All waste materials like flashing and rejected bottles are melted down and recycled. This kind of manufacturing process is good for the environment and local ecosystems.

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