Cutting Costs Of A New Trane AC Compressor

Maintaining and operating a commercial refrigeration system or an HVAC system for a large building or complex is a major ongoing cost for any property. However, when these systems fail, the results can be even more costly if there is lost product, lost production and even potential damage to machinery and equipment.

While regular, ongoing maintenance and frequent checks of the cooling system or refrigeration components can help to reduce the risk of failures, at some point in time every Trane AC compressor, as well as any other make, will need to be replaced. This replacement, even if it can be timed to minimize or eliminate any of the issues with a system failure, is still going to be a cost.

Remanufacturing Over Replacement

A very cost-effective option to replacing your current Trane AC compressor with a new model is to have it remanufactured. When done by a specialized compressor remanufacturing company it can save a significant amount of the new sticker price.

With the remanufacturing process, the compressor goes through a specific set of steps. These steps ensure that qualified, trained and experienced technicians take apart the compressor and replace old or worn parts with new or recycled parts.

Testing is also completed along with a final inspection to ensure that the compressor is in like-new working condition. Top remanufacturers will also provide a warranty, with some services providing up to 12 months limited warranty on any compressor they remanufacture.

In some cases, it may be highly desirable to simply buy a remanufactured Trane AC compressor. Typically, the company will still take the old system, which can help to offset the costs. At the same time, they will ship the make and model you need, limiting the time for the system to be down to just a day or two.

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