DBI-SALA Fall Protection – Industries Served

DBI-SALA fall protection equipment and systems minimize the risk to workers in the field for falls as they operate at various heights above the ground. The safety gear and accessories associated with these systems provide the worker with the necessary mobility and protection they need along with comfort while performing job tasks. The important features of DBI-SALA systems include flexibility, ease of use, and exceptional performance, all resulting in the satisfaction of the worker.

Industries and Applications Requiring Fall Protection
Workers in various industries can benefit from the fall protection capabilities provided by SALA harness equipment. The types of job sites and industries that may require the protection offered by this equipment include construction, linemen, bridge workers, window washers, rooftop workers, and more.

DBI-SALA fall protection includes comprehensive selection of fall arrest and protection devices and supplies that deliver real-life solutions for field personnel working on various types of structures at considerable heights.

Rescue harnesses are vital pieces of equipment for fall protection systems. They are designed for many types of recovery and rescue tasks.

OSHA Requires Fall Arrest Systems
According to OSHA, fall arrest systems are required if there is an existing risk to the worker falling from a height. Generally, if a worker is operating at a height of six feet or greater, a fall arrest system must be utilized. The distance from a working or walking surface to a lower grade level is the working height. Fall arrest systems go into operation only when a fall occurs.

The recommended product when it comes to a full body harness is one with a retractable lifeline or shock absorbing lanyard. These harnesses spread out the forces generated from the fall throughout the body. A shock absorbing lanyard minimizes the fall arresting forces to reduce the impact upon the individual when he or she falls.

Worker Protections
The protection of human life is the most important reason for implementing fall protection systems. Very serious injuries and even death are possible for any individual falling from considerable heights above the ground. These systems provide crucial protection for workers as they perform tasks dozens of feet above the ground. All individuals utilizing these DBI-SALA fall protection systems must adhere to all relevant codes and safety standards that govern any situation in which they are present.

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