Dental Implants In Flemington Can Bring Back Your Smile

As all parents know, when young children lose a tooth, a new one will grow back in its place. Adults can also lose one or more teeth and when lost they will not grow back. Whether the adult’s tooth is lost through a dental extraction or because of some accident they were involved in, the missing tooth will leave an unsightly gap behind. In order to have that gap filled, the person has a couple of options open to them. They could have partial or full dentures made. The better and more permanent solution would be to consider Dental Implants in Flemington.

To get Dental Implants in Flemington, the dentist will sedate the patient and surgerically open the gums so that an anchor can be attached directly on the upper or lower jaw bone. Titanium screws firmly attach the anchor to the bone and then the gums are closed with suchers. Once in place, a newly made artificial tooth can be attached to the anchor and the procedure is complete. The patient will receive pain medication to use until the swelling in the gums subsides.

A dental implant should last the patient for the rest of their life and require no more care than the remaining natural growing teeth do. In fact, the new tooth or teeth will never get a cavity or stain. Because of this, dental implants are considered the best choice. If a patient wants dentures, they can be made to be able to connect to the implanted dental anchor. This will give the denture much stronger stability. Over time the bone of the jaw will continue growing and grow right over the titanium screws holding the implants in place. This will make the dental implanted anchors even stronger and more stable in the mouth.

If you, as an adult, have lost one or more teeth, you should ask your dentist about getting dental implants. If your family dentist is a general service dentist, they may not have the skill to do dental implants. You can be sure that they will be able to give you a referral to a cosmetic dentist that can do the implants for you. Don’t live with a gap between your teeth, get dental implants to bring back your great smile.

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