Determining If Harm from Medical Error Is Considered Medical Malpractice

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Lawyers

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There have been several cases in the state of Illinois where a patient suffered harm because of a medical error. While that is an extremely unfortunate occurrence, it does not always mean that medical malpractice was responsible. For the patient to win a case of medical malpractice, they must be capable of proving that the medical professional violated the standard of care that is set forth by the state.

The first step towards proving this violation is contacting a medical malpractice law firm in Machesney Park. Their legal professionals will work with you to review the evidence, question needed individuals, and build a case if medical malpractice was present.

What Is the Standard of Care?

In Illinois, the medical standard of care is defined to help patients, hospitals, and medical professionals understand what is or isn’t considered professional negligence. Negligence is a key component in a medical malpractice case. The standard of care states that a medical professional must work with the same degree of knowledge, skill, and ability as an ordinary professional would have in the same situation.

Ordinary Professionals Make Mistakes

Simply put, it means that doctors and surgeons are allowed to make mistakes. All professionals make mistakes and it simply cannot be avoided. A doctor is not considered criminally negligent just because they made an error. Instead, it must be proven that they were not acting with the same skill, knowledge, or ability as an ordinary professional. Therefore, they exhibited serious negligence that caused harm to a professional. A Machesney Park medical malpractice law firm can help determine if the negligence was not ordinary and thus violated the standard of care.

Seek Help Immediately

Whether or not you believe they violated the standard of care, you should seek the help of a Machesney Park medical malpractice law firm if you have suffered harm while receiving medical care. They will help you determine if malpractice was present and then present you with a possible course of action. You can’t wrong with asking for help.

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