Differences In Peachtree City, GA, Roofing Contractors, Companies And Roofers

For new home construction, roof repairs, or roofing installation on an existing home, people in the Peachtree City, GA, area have different choices in services to use. It can often be confusing to homeowners as to the best service provider for a new roof or roof repairs and understanding what each service has to offer.

It is always important to avoid using any type of general or handyman type of services for roofing work. Using these individuals may result in further damage to the roof, incomplete repairs, and the possibility of voiding any warranty for the roofing product selected.


The term roofers is often used by handyman types of services, but it can also be used by any professional service providing roofing repairs and installations. If hiring a company advertising their services as roofers, homeowners should always ask if they are licensed roofing contractors and if they have a local company or business.

After large storms, it is no uncommon for a lot of out of town, unlicensed roofers to come into the Peachtree City, GA, area to try to cash in on all the storm damage work available.

Roofing Companies

Most roofing companies are licensed and have experienced installers and repair people on staff. Not all roofing companies just do roofing, and many offer work on home exteriors or even interior renovations.

Some roofing companies may subcontract to other roofers, which can result in a loss of expertise and professional crews on a job.

Roofing Contractors

All professional companies that are marketing their services as contractors must be licensed by the state of Georgia. In general, a roofing contractor exclusively uses their own crews, and they tend to only provide roofing services.

As a good rule, always use a contractor service for roofing installation and repairs. These companies are licensed and insured, and they can be easily researched and identified as professionals in the roofing industry.

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