Discover Some Really Fun Things to Do for Families in Chicago

If you’ve been looking for fun things to do for families in Chicago, you have many options to choose from. To view some of the most wild and exotic animals on the planet, you can visit the Lincoln Park or Brookfield Zoos. For aquatic life, visit the Shedd Aquarium. To view the whole city from street level, there are many city tours available. And to get perhaps the most unique, greatest view of the city, take in the city from the 94th floor at the John Hancock Center in downtown Chicago.

Enjoy breathtaking views of the city from every angle- 360 degrees of spectacular scenery. Visitors can take in four states, the lakefront, and the city skyline from the Observation Deck, 1000 feet above Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile.

Up here on the 94th floor, visitors can visit BAR 94, a modern cafe where they can take in this awe-inspiring view in all directions while enjoying a relaxing cocktail. For a thrill of a lifetime up here, be sure to check out Chicago’s highest thrill ride, 360 Chicago’s TILT. As there is absolutely nothing like it in the whole world, riders can take away invaluable memories of this experience. They will, in this experience, get a downward-facing view from 1,030 feet above earth.

Up here, you can view art and photo exhibitions, take yoga classes, ride on a 360 Sky Water Slide (coming soon), and even get married! Out of town visitors can check on special deals on the website enabling them to save 50% on premier admission to Chicago’s best attractions.

For much more information about all these terrific happenings at the John Hancock Center, among the many fun things to do for families in Chicago, website.

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