Do You Have the Best Smoke Alarm for Fire Safety?

On average, U.S. firefighters are reported to respond to a fire call once every 86 seconds. That’s a lot of fires, and unfortunately, these fires lead to many deaths. About seven people die from fire or fire-related injuries every day in the U.S. While we can’t control the outcome of a fire situation in our homes, we can control how we prepare ourselves for it. That’s why everyone should practice fire safety precautions, adults and, children alike.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Children are taught about the importance of fire safety from a very young age in school. ‘Stop, drop, and roll’ is a popular fire safety phrase that most children remember easily, and refers to what to do in case you catch on fire. ‘Stop’ means to stop running or moving around to reduce the chance of flames spreading to other areas around you. ‘Drop’ refers to dropping on the ground to help put out the fire. It’s similar to covering up the fire with a cloth of some sort. Finally, ‘Roll’ means to simply roll back and forth on the ground to further stop the flames from spreading and burning your body. If done correctly, this method is a good way to put out a fire on your body if there’s no water or fire extinguisher around.

Fire Prevention

Another item that plays an important role in fire prevention is a smoke detector. Smoke detectors can sense when there is a high amount of smoke in the air and begins to emit loud sounds to notify people in the surrounding area of the fire. However, even the best smoke alarm is of no use if you don’t regularly check its batteries and sound volume. Regularly checking and changing the batteries for your smoke detector is a small price to pay for a life saved during a fire.

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