Do You Need Child Custody Advice in Green Valley, NV?

If you are embroiled in a divorce case that involves children, you need to make sure that you receive good legal advice. That is why you need help from an objective third-party legal representative who understands the nature of these kinds of cases.

Hire an Attorney to Help

That is why it pays to know a lawyer who can provide you with child custody advice in Green Valley, NV. The welfare of your child is important to you. That is why you cannot go through this type of dispute yourself. By retaining the services of an objective third party, you can resolve any differences legally and satisfactorily.

Child custody advice is needed if you cannot agree on visiting rights. If your former partner has hired an attorney, you also need to retain the services of a lawyer. That way, you will make the playing field fairer when resolving any issues.

Are You a Non-Parent?

According to the law, only the parents in a divorce case can request custody of a child. Non-parents of a child, however, may request guardianship or visitation rights. Once you obtain child custody advice, you can attend a custody class in Nevada free of charge. This will assist you in your divorce settlement.

However, you cannot proceed with the above activities without help from a lawyer. If you are married and wish to gain custody, you or your former partner can file a Complaint for Custody. If you file the complaint, you are known as the plaintiff in the case. The other parent is called the defendant. The defendant answers the complaint by filing an answer and counterclaim.

Who to Contact for Advice

In a custody case, the parent must be at least 18 years of age. An adult must be appointed to represent a couple who is underage. Learn more about your rights along these lines by visiting Pintar Albiston LLP online. Contact the law firm about your legal rights. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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