Do You Need To See A Periodontist?

When it comes to your teeth you would be excused if you were to think that the only professional involved in dental care is a dentist. Although a general dentist is your “go to guy” for the bulk of your dental care, there are also numerous specialists that work on dental problems; orthodontist, dental surgeon and periodontist.

What is a periodontist?

A periodontist in Arlington Heights is a dental specialist that treats issues that affect the gums as well as the bone structure in your mouth. These problems are usually bundled and referred to as periodontal diseases. A periodontist has taken additional training to acquire the unique skills and expertise to deal with these dental issues.

How can you tell if you have a gum disease?

Your teeth and smile may be very attractive but at the same time your teeth could be slowly detaching from the structure that supports them. Gum disease is silent although there are early warning signs that will tell you that you have potential problems that must be dealt with. If you begin to notice blood when you brush and floss or your gums begin to appear red or inflamed, these are early signs of periodontal disorders.

Should you see a periodontist?

If your dentist feels that you have a gum disorder that is beyond his or her scope then you can expect to be referred to a periodontist. When your dentist sees evidence of issues such as gingivitis you can expect to be referred for specialist care and treatment.

The proper treatment of your condition depends to a great extent on what caused it. The treatment starts with a complete, in-depth examination by a periodontist in Arlington Heights. Based on the outcome of the examination, the periodontist will begin treatment which can be as straight forward as scaling and root planing or as invasive as surgery.

Gum disease can progress to the point where the bone that supports your teeth is weakened and you suffer tooth loss. If you are looking for a periodontist in Arlington Heights you are invited to make an early appointment with James Kakos DDS.

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