Do You Really Need Surgery To Treat Your Hair Loss in Towson, MD?

Hair loss has been a subject of intense interest for much of human history and it’s been a surprisingly difficult problem to crack. But there have been some recent advances that can finally fight against hair loss. Some of the most notable involve surgical procedures. However, you might wonder, are there effective non-surgical treatments for hair loss?

To answer that question it’s best to consider how researchers work with medical problems. There are usually two approaches. Medical professionals will either target a symptom or target the underlying problem. Targeting the symptom is typically the easiest path. However, it’s similar to just cutting a weed. When you don’t fix the root of a problem it’ll typically come back up again. And that’s where the other strategy comes in.

Medical practice will sometimes try to tackle whatever problem is causing the symptom. In the context of hair loss, surgery is treating the symptoms. But a field of medicine called regenerative medicine is tackling the root cause of hair loss in order to eliminate both it and the symptom at the same time. Are there effective non-surgical treatments for hair loss? Yes, and they revolve around regenerative medicine’s focus on fixing the underlying cause of hair loss. Non-surgical hair loss treatment in Towson MD works by stimulating stunted follicle growth.

Thankfully hair loss treatment in Towson MD has had success reviving follicles that have shut down growth. You can learn more with a consultation for QC Kinetix (Towson). View Testimonials

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