Does Skin and Hair Color Matter in Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a hassle-free way to remove unwanted facial and body hair without shaving or waxing. While it takes more than one session to remove hair permanently, splurging on laser hair removal over shaving cream, razors, wax, and cloth strap is a good investment. Skin and hair color doesn’t affect this procedure because one laser fits all skin types, right?

Hair Color
The laser favors hair follicles darker than skin tone. If there’s a darker color, the laser will focus on it and remove the darker areas without harming the skin. Light skin tone with dark hair color should choose the Alexandrite, Nd: YAG, or the ELOS laser. Natural blondes have hair color matching or lighter than the skin tone, making it difficult to find a laser hair removal Vancouver treatment to remove unwanted hair without burns. Certain shades of blonde could qualify for the treatment, but there’s no guarantee. Still, blondes should not use tanning beds, self-tanners, or spray tans before, during, and after removal treatment.

Skin Tone
The old laser did an excellent job of removing facial and body hair. However, the old laser treated all skin types the same, meaning darker skin tones suffer from discoloration and burns. Reason being the laser can’t differentiate the skin from the hair follicle because both colors look similar. Because of this, many dark-skinned people were ineligible for laser hair removal. Advancements in laser technology understood everyone is different. Therefore, several lasers with different wavelengths replaced the old laser technology to accommodate all skin types. Dark-skinned people require the Nd: YAG laser or the diode laser.

Going to the nearest laser hair removal Vancouver site without thorough research is harmful. The investment will become a bad experience. Therefore, take the time to find a place that emphasizes skin tone and hair color.

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