Don’t Let the Thought of a Roof Repair in Des Moines, IA Frighten You

No business owner wants to learn they need a Roof Repair in Des Moines IA. The thought of repairing this essential component of the structure often comes with the fear that doing so will be costly. This often isn’t the case, especially when the problem is caught early. What are some common roof repairs one may find they are in need of?

Gutter Issues

In many cases, a roof repair is needed because the gutters are not working as intended. It may be that the gutters are clogged or they may have come loose and aren’t functioning as intended. When the gutters aren’t working properly, water may enter the business, and the roof may be damaged. The first step in repairing the roof is ensuring the gutters have been fixed, so they drain any water properly. Once this has been done, the attention turns to the roof and what repairs will be required. When gutter issues are caught early, these repairs may be minimal.

Flashing Issues

Flashing serves to keep water from the business. However, a seal may be compromised, or the flashing could become loose. When this happens, water is then able to enter the building. Fortunately, a roof repair of this type may involve nothing more than caulking the seal once again or replacing the flashing. For this reason, the roof should be inspected annually and any problems with the flashing corrected before a major issue develops.


Water is meant to drain from the roof. When it doe not and sits for more than 48 hours, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. It may be the gutters are the issue or something may have damaged the roof and there is now a weak spot that sits lower than other portions of the roof. An inspection will need to be carried out to determine the underlying cause, and the extent of the repair needed.

In the event an owner believes he or she is in need of a Roof Repair in Des Moines IA, contact Quality Construction Services Inc. Visit the website to learn more about this company and its offering. Business owners who turn to this provider find they get a roof repair that holds up with time and does so at an affordable price.

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