Do’s and Don’ts of Burlesque Shooting

You’re all but ready for your burlesque shoot. Here are a few do’s and don’ts you’ll want to consider before you ago ahead with the shoot.

Do pick the right photographer

A good burlesque photographer in Orange County will know how to make you feel at ease, the Expert Photography says. If the photographer’s speech and body language make you uncomfortable, then you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Don’t go with granny panties

While it’s good to wear clothes you’re comfortable in when you go to the shoot, avoid granny panties at all costs. They don’t look good at all, and while they seem to hide the curves, they’ll derail the shots. Invest in excellent lingerie for the shoot instead.

Do your research

Do your research and find out what kind of shots appeal to you. That way, your photographer has a better idea of the kind of vibe and atmosphere you want to achieve in the photographs. That’s going to make things easier for you both.

Don’t eat too much

Take a light meal before you go to the session. Eating too much can make it difficult for you to bend and position yourself in ways that are not normal to you. A full tummy can make many of those poses difficult so keep your meal light.

Do listen to your photographer

Learn how to listen and follow your photographer’s instructions during the shoot. A good burlesque photographer in Orange County knows what to do to get the expression and pose that’s going to make for a killer shot.

Don’t forget the props

You may want to add that sexy elegance to your shoots by bringing along jewelry. Necklaces are particularly useful for bringing attention to the neckline and cleavage areas. That could result in a lot of awesome playfully sexy touches in the photographs.

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