Drug Rehab – Why Addiction Requires Ongoing Treatment

Drug addiction and dependency is a chronic condition. One of its categorizing features is the tendency toward relapse by newly-recovered patients. Because of this, one-time treatments like detox sessions are typically not enough to ensure a recovery for patients. Mot need drug rehab, and ongoing and more rounded approach to helping addictions move forward with their lives – without their dependency in tow.

The Rehab Team

The professionals that provide rehabilitation services are a multifaceted team. They can include doctors, nurses, qualified caregivers, counselors, drug and alcohol abuse specialists, clergy members and more. Because of the approach of treating a patient from every possible angle, the more expertise that can be added to the treatment plan, the better.

How Rehab Works

For most, drug rehab begins with one or more interventional methods, such as medical detox or forced removal from a dangerous situation. After sufficient times has passed for these methods to exhaust their helpfulness to the patient, they will then be moved on to a counseling phase. This can include behavioral therapy to address the patterns that have led the patient to this point, as well as medical treatment to address any physical or mental issues caused by withdrawal symptoms.

Often, when a patient is recovering from something like opiate addiction, substitute drugs must be supplied – and used under strict medical supervision – to allow them to be stepped down off their current level of use. Otherwise, greater harm can be done than good. By attending a fully-featured rehab program, patients can get this medically-supplied assistance, as well as the support they need to continue improving.

Patients in and around Sacramento can look to a number of local providers for drug rehab options, including Diamond House Detox. These facilities typically offer a multi-step approach, beginning with acute, detox-style services and moving forward into counseling and rehabilitation. Only by treating a former addict as an entire person – not just a medical emergency – can treatment be successful.

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