Ease Stress and Pain with Therapeutic Massage in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Daily activities and obligations can create a lot of stress and pain for many people. Old injuries or repetitive movements can cause damage to joints and muscles. Even just worrying about various aspects of one’s life can create tension and problems in muscles. Fortunately, there are methods for relieving much of this pain and stress that can occur throughout life. Therapeutic Massage in Cedar Rapids Iowa can help ease pain and repair the damage done to muscles and joints.

Hot rock massage

This type of massage is preferable for those who want to ease the stress of the day and sleep better at night. It is also a good option for those who prefer a light massage treatment. The hot rock massage is a type of Therapeutic Massage in Cedar Rapids Iowa where smooth and flat rocks are heated and then placed at various points of the body. The warmth of the rocks helps to ease irritation and tension found in muscles.

Swedish-based massage

This is the most commonly thought of massage type. This massage utilizes soft tissue manipulation to provide relaxation and ease tight muscles. The massage can be focused on specific areas or provide a full-body treatment. These sessions can be shorter or longer, lasting 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the needs of the patient. This type of massage can also provide the most benefits to patients.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a type of massage that focuses on specific injuries. Although commonly utilized by those who participate in sports, it is not limited to these types of injuries. In this treatment, the focus is placed on the area of injury. Special attention is given to the muscle-tendon connection around the injury or overused area. This treatment can help improve range of motion as well as ease pain and increase healing in the area.

Massage therapies can provide many benefits for people of all ages. The right treatment can be chosen based on the person’s pain or injury as well as their personal preferences. These treatments can be used for pain and stress on their own or in conjunction with other treatments to ease any pain. Visit Family Medicine and More for more information about these and other treatments.

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