Easing Homesickness While at Georgia Southern University

The transition from your parents’ home to college is not an easy one. Some young adults adapt quickly and well, while others become quite homesick. If you’re concerned that you might become homesick while attending Georgia Southern University, there is a cure for that. Apartments near Georgia Southern University have so many amenities you will feel as though you are on vacation rather than staying away from home and going to school.

Resort-Like Atmosphere

These apartments near Georgia Southern University aren’t just apartments. They feel very much like staying in your favorite vacation resort. There are pools, a workout room, a hot tub, basketball courts, and even a cantina for grabbing snacks and drinks. Except for the fact that you will be in class half the day and studying some at night, it won’t feel like you’re going to college at all.

Quiet Areas to Study Too

Study on your patio or balcony. Study in the laundry room. Study on the lawn when the weather is nice. Study in your bedroom in your apartment that you can share with other students or pay for a single. The choices are up to you. When you have completed coursework, unwind in all of the rec areas these apartments have to offer or take public transit to off-campus entertainment. The apartment complexes are located within walking or biking distance of nearly everything; a car isn’t really necessary but you’re welcome to bring one.

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