Emphasizing Some Remarkable Facts about Your Household Pets and the Pet Hospitals in Richmond, TX

Believe it or not, the original veterinarian school was instituted almost 300 years ago, when Frenchman named Claude Bourgelat inaugurated a veterinary academy to help townspeople moderate the lingering effects of the bubonic plague with novel vaccinations.

If we skip ahead to the present day landscape, however, we are blessed to have access to nearby pet hospitals in Richmond, TX that can provide expedient and cost-effective assistance for our precious animal friends.

Thought-Provoking Pet Trivia

Before tackling the topic of how to discover the best pet hospitals in your proximity, let’s brush up on some enthralling fun facts about pets and animal lovers in the United States:

* Our pets are almost always part of our Christmas plans. More than three out of every four American pet owners purchase holiday gifts for their companions, and a third of these individuals actually take the time to wrap them.

* Upwards of 68% of pet parents sign their fur baby’s nickname on letters and correspondences to friends and family members.

* With nearly 80 million dogs and 86 million cats living in US households, there is roughly one pet for every two citizens in our country, which is why we are hailed as the most pet-populated nation on the planet.

* On a slightly grosser note, did you know that American canines generate an excess of nine million tons of poop each and every year?

We spend a grand total of $16 billion at pet hospitals per annum, but it’s worth mentioning that those who work with a single, steadfast veterinary services provider spend 20% less than pet owners who shuffle between several competing clinics throughout the year.

Where’s the Most Affordable Veterinarian Clinic in My Vicinity?

Developing a mutually beneficial connection with a trustworthy, sympathetic animal expert might seem like an overwhelming task, but you can easily click your mouse button and visit Site to link up with a good-natured panel of professional veterinarians.

Exceptional care at an economical cost is finally at your beck and call.

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