Enhance Date Nights in Orange County With a Romantic Beachside Stay

If you have found a way to arrange a date night with your partner, you don’t want to pick an ordinary event that can be done any other time. A trip to the movies or a meal with a local restaurant is what you probably do already with the kids, family, or friends. However, you get much more out of your time together with a special getaway. Below are ideas to enhance your date night romantic beachside stay.

Prepare a Picnic

There are times when your life can get quite hectic, and you barely see your partner each day. A quiet evening at a beachside hotel in Orange County is a great way to slow things down and reconnect. Get this done by ordering room service and having a scenic picnic. Just place a blanket along with a couple of pillows on the balcony and lounge back to enjoy the beautiful view while you dine.

Create a Spa Experience

While rushing to get your day started, you may not have time to linger in the shower or try the beauty treatments you crave. But, you can catch up on all of your face masks and body scrubs in one night. Because you are at a beachside hotel in Orange County, you can enjoy a glass of wine and light candles as you give each other massages.

Begin planning your romantic evening today by contacting Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina at 949-999-3100.

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