Ensure Your Home Stays Dry With Roof Replacement in Jacksonville AR

There are many ways that your home can protect you and your family and the roof is just one of them. However, a reliable roof is important to both the integrity of the home and its value. An aging roof can make your property look unkempt which dramatically affects its worth. If your roof has aged to the point of failure then it is time for Roof Replacement in Jacksonville AR. Roof replacement can range from installing new shingles to ripping off the old roof and installing a whole new covering.

A household roof consists of joists and rafters that provide structure. These are generally designed to give the roof a specific angle. Areas with heavy snow tend to use a little more angle while areas with more rain tend to have less slope. Next is the decking. Decking is normally a man made material such as plywood or wafer board. Each of these products use thin layers of wood which are compressed and glued together. The result is a durable wood sheet that works well provided it is covered properly. Covering the decking is a layer of rolled roofing sometimes known as roofing felt. This is a thin, tarred paper which provides a layer between the decking and shingles.

The final covering on the roof will be shingles or a material with a similar function. Asphalt shingles are the most common roof replacement because they are affordable and provide at least twenty years of reliable coverage. The next choice for Roof Replacement in Jacksonville AR is steel roofing. Modern steel roofing uses a zinc galvanized steel designed to last at least fifty years. This product is usually produced in stamped sheets which resemble different roofing products. It comes styled as asphalt shingles, wood shake or clay tiles.

Other alternatives for roof coverings include cement tiles, fired clay, slate and metals such as copper. These alternatives tend to be more expensive, but they also provide long lasting protection. Specific materials like these may be required with a high end home replacement or historical restoration project. If your home is due for roof replacement be sure to contact the best local roof replacement company near Jacksonville AR.

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