Ensuring Your Dog’s Happiness During a Boarding Stay

Staying in boarding can be stressful for any dog. Even if the pet is only staying for a short time, she will be in a strange environment with unfamiliar people and dogs that she does not know. Because it can be so stressful, it’s important to ensure your dog is healthy and happy before boarding. We’ll look at how to do so in this article.

Update Vaccinations

Long before you will be leaving your pet in luxury boarding for dogs in Fanwood, you want to ensure your pet has update vaccinations. We suggest having this done at least a month before boarding will occur. Most facilities will provide you with required vaccinations your dog must have before his stay. You will want to have your pet vaccinated against a kennel cough, which is common in dogs kept close to each other.

Choose a Quality Facility

Your pet deserves the best, which means you need to be picky about the kennel that you choose to keep them in. At the very least, this facility should be spotless, have experiences staff, and provide quality care for every dog staying there. This can take some research so be sure to ask questions to give you peace of mind about your decision.

Prepare Your Pet

If you plan to have your pet boarded for more than a few days, it’s a good idea to give them some practice with the process. You might choose to introduce your pet to the boarding experience with an overnight stay or two. This will ensure that your favorite pooch is accustomed to the idea and has a better grasp of how things work. This can help alleviate any stress that might accompany the trip.

Leave Plenty of Food and Medication

You will want to ensure that you bring plenty of your dog’s favorite foods to the facility you choose for luxury boarding for dogs in Fanwood. You also want to provide any medication that might be needed. Some boarders will also be happy to take treats and toys that your dog enjoys, which can make the experience a positive one for your pet. You can also consider leaving a shirt or blanket that has your scent, so your dog is less homesick for the duration of your vacation.

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