Examples of Situations When Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Macon, GA Is Advisable

A workers’ compensation attorney in Macon, GA is not needed for most claims. Anyone who has been injured on the job and wonders whether they need a lawyer should consider a few important points. These lawyers usually provide free consultations as well, where victims can get more insight.

Why the System Was Developed

A primary reason the workers’ compensation system was developed was to make sure injured employees received weekly payments for lost wages without delay and were provided with a fair settlement if their injury would have long-term consequences. Unfortunately, not all insurance company representatives view this as their goal. Instead, they may hope to have a lower settlement amount accepted and save money to the company.

Permanent Disability

One situation when hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Macon, GA is advisable is when the person suffers an injury that leaves them permanently disabled. The workers’ comp insurer may pressure the person to accept a settlement now instead of waiting for maximum medical improvement. It’s impossible to know what a fair settlement would be until then, so workers should not accept this type of deal.

After hiring a lawyer, that legal professional can tell the insurance company adjusters to stop contacting the claimant. The lawyer now acts as the person’s advocate. Attorneys are also generally better able to negotiate a larger settlement with insurers, which is very important for clients who may face financial struggles otherwise.

Pressure to Return to Work Too Early

A lawyer can also help if the employer is pressuring the worker to return to the job before they feel ready. The injured person may fear that reinjury is likely to happen or that a setback will occur. If the insurer has reason to believe the person is well enough, workers’ comp benefits may be stopped.

Attorneys with a firm such as Edwards & Bullard Law do not charge fees unless their efforts are successful in obtaining compensation for clients. This means they won’t accept a case if the individual is already receiving a reasonable amount of money from the insurance company paying benefits or has received a reasonable settlement offer.

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