Excavators & Shear Attachments: Basic Features

Excavators and excavator shear attachments both display features that are common with mini excavators. These include:

Maneuverable: With a variable width undercarriage, these machines can easily adjust to fit through narrow doorways and/or gates and between obstacles.

Variable Speed: The two speeds of the excavator allow it to work more slowly around obstacles, and the high-function speed allows the operator to zip around or between sites when you do not want to load the machine onto a trailer. The high speed pedal increases their capability beyond that of other similar mini excavators.

Engine: The engines are clean running, low vibration, and have solid performing horsepower.

The Excavator: Environmentally friendly and safety-minded

They fall under EPA guidelines for fuel emissions and efficiency, and are clean running to conform to Tier IV emissions standards.

These excavators are both durable and safe. The combination of safety and environmental conscientiousness is just one of the many ways this company’s products deliver superior results. For more details, contact Genesis Attachments today.

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