Exciting Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be a bit of a challenge to create a great space in. They are usually quite small, awkwardly shaped, and have many functions that have to be include. To make the most of this room of your house, several things can be done to give it a great feel.


Tile adds a great touch of class to a bathroom, and the variety of cuts, colors, and materials means you can match to any style. It can be used for a few different applications in a bathroom including flooring, back splash, countertops, and shower and tub surrounds. This lets you coordinate many aspects of your bathroom, which give it a well-planned theme throughout. One common technique is to use similar tile throughout, but use different sizes and shapes to keep it fresh.

Light Fixtures

Lighting in a bathroom is incredibly important. Bathrooms are a prime space for beauty processes, such as makeup application and hair styling. These require great lighting to make sure that the details can be seen clearly. A light fixture is also going to be a piece of the décor. A stylish light fixture can add appeal to any bathroom, and the light itself can be used to highlight your awesome tiling. Lighting is a design feature that is occasionally forgotten about in bathrooms, yet it makes such an enormous improvement.

Shower and Tub Surrounds

You have a lot of options for shower and tub surrounds. They need to be well sealed to prevent water damage, so keep that in mind when choosing your materials. Your tile choice is a great option for a surround. You can pair it with a glass door to keep the room looking open and bright. A glass company in Chicago can help you ensure the required water tightness to keep your bathroom safe from potential water damage.

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