Exhaust Problems and Repairs

The exhaust system of your car may not appear to be very complex at all. Most people ignore signs of problems with many of the components that make up one of the more important parts of your car. It’s definitely worth your time to familiarise yourself with warning signs that may go unnoticed and can potentially be harmful to you. Letting these problems go without the proper attention can also cost you much more in repairs, as these small repairs can turn into bigger ones down the road. Having this knowledge will help you detect these problems early which may reduce the risk of a much higher repair bill. Here are some warning signs and what causes them. Once you know these, then you can find your local garage that services exhausts in Portsmouth to have them repaired.


The first sign of problems with your exhaust is smell. Whether you are driving or have just started your vehicle this smell is difficult not to notice. As a matter of fact breathing these fumes in can cause nausea and vomiting. In the very worst cases these fumes can cause drowsiness and even death.


Another very simple check is visual. If your exhaust is emitting black smoke, this could be a sign that there is a problem with your exhaust or your engine. In either case, neglecting to get your vehicle checked by a professional could cause what may have been a simple fix to turn into a major problem. This could double or even triple the cost of your repair.


A very obvious sign than your exhaust system is not operating correctly is the noise your engine is making. Any different noises coming from your exhaust system is a sign that your vehicle needs attention. Whether you hear a rattle or whistling you should have your exhaust inspected by a professional. If your vehicle is back firing it could be even a more serious problem with your engine. Back firing can completely destroy many components of your exhaust system if left ignored.

Problem Causes

There are many components that make up your exhaust system. Any of these important parts can become worn or damaged and will require servicing. When looking for a service professional make sure that they have the proper equipment, skills, and knowledge to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle.

These are just a few problems that can be easily noticed when operating your vehicle. To ensure your vehicle is operating correctly and the safety of yourself and your passengers have your vehicle inspected regularly by your garage that services and installs exhausts in Portsmouth.

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