Experienced Lawn Irrigation Specialists in Wichita KS

Having the kind of beautiful, lush, vibrant yard you’ve always dreamed of means you can enjoy cook-outs with family and friends, games with the youngsters, and maybe even a round of “Fetch” with the family dog, but that kind of lawn comes at a price. You can spend the hours of back-breaking labor it requires to haul hoses to the corners of the property to ensure adequate irrigation, and hope you don’t neglect an area or forget to turn off the water and end up with a small marsh as part of your landscaping. The more sensible alternative would be to contact experts in Lawn Irrigation in Wichita KS for a free estimate.

During a personal consultation, an irrigation specialist will take a thorough look at your property to determine water availability as well as its drainage patterns, and will begin to design an effective irrigation plan, customized for your yard. Your system should come with things like pressure-regulating sprinkler heads, a rain sensor, and a regular maintenance program. These systems are rugged and use commercial-grade products, but they are also susceptible to time and the elements, so regular maintenance can be important. Even the best irrigation systems can develop issues over time, so having a repair team that can respond to your emergencies quickly and professionally can be invaluable.

There are other services that experts in Lawn Irrigation in Wichita KS can offer you which will help your system last longer and continue to be efficient. In addition to regular maintenance, having your system properly prepared for winter can be crucial. Storage for your sprinkler elements can keep them safe in the off-season, and having professionals perform the spring start-up on your system will ensure that your irrigation system will be ready when you are. If you should decide at some point to change your landscaping scheme, irrigation technicians can help design and construct a re-worked system that will better fit your new situation.

For over 27 years Rain Link Inc. has been keeping lawns healthy and looking great by taking the burden off of homeowners with outstanding customized, quality irrigation systems. They can handle all repairs and maintenance with 24/7 service and they look forward to adding you to their list of satisfied customers. A free estimate is only a phone call away.

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