Extend Your AC’s Service Life in 5 Ways

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you probably just buy an air conditioning unit, have it installed and forget about all about it. But ACs don’t work on magic. Without proper care and maintenance, you’ll significantly shorten your unit’s service life. Check out the following maintenance tips to help you keep your unit in tip-top shape.

Learn how to replace your air filters

This is one of the easiest ways to troubleshoot your unit. If you’re experiencing poor airflow, this could be due to clogged air filters. Scout around for a new one and replace it by yourself. Look at the filter’s minimum efficiency reporting value before you pick one, This Old House says. Go for higher numbers for better filtration.

Know the signs

A lot of people think there’s no telling when their air conditioning units will give up the ghost. That’s not entirely accurate, though. There are usually tons of signs along the way. You probably missed them. The next time it happens, be attentive. If there are strange noises coming from the unit or you’re noticing poor heating or cooling performance, then have your unit looked over by a pro.

Call an expert

The minute you see signs that your unit isn’t all that well, then put in a call to a Boerne AC repair company. The sooner you get a pro to inspect and fix your unit, the better. Waiting too long can make the problem worse.

Pay for regular service checks

Routine service checks can catch minor problems and system issues. By nipping those problems in the bud, your unit can perform better and last longer.

Hire a trustworthy team

Look for a reputable Boerne AC repair company. Check out reviews and ratings. Ask around. This will help you find a company you can trust.

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