Extending The Life Of Industrial Floor Scales In Fort Worth, TX Industries

Regardless of the type of weighing that is done in any Fort Worth, TX business or industry, having the correct size, style and type of scale are essential. In many applications, including for packaging and shipping as well as process weighing, industrial floor scales offer the flexibility and weighing options required.

These scales are designed to be durable, long lasting and very practical. Different design and style options can include those that are flush mounted with the floor, requiring an additional frame inset into the floor to support the scale.

Other models sit on top of the floor. These industrial floor scales may be portable, which is often a benefit to a smaller company where one scale can be used in various locations.

To extend the life of any floor scales, consider the following tips and ideas:

* Keep scales clean and dry – cleaning around the scales is important. Remove any dirt or debris on a regular basis and ensure there is no water left on or under these scales in the event of a spill. In addition, with the scales set into the floor, ensure adequate drainage and ensure that the scales are routinely cleaned to prevent dirt build up under the platform.

* Avoid shock – dropping loads onto the scale, even if the load is within the weight capacity of the scale, is one of the most damaging things to do. Equipment operators should lower loads slowly onto the surface of the raised platforms to avoid this problem.

* Calibrate and maintain on schedule – each of the industrial floor scales will have a calibration and maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer. Following this schedule will be important to the accuracy and lifecycle of the scale.

Any Fort Worth, TX business also needs to avoid attempting to use these scales for weights higher than the maximum load capacity.

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