Factors to Consider Before Buying Tractors

Whether you need some work done on your farm or your home garden, a tractor is one machine you should consider employing for the work. Buying a good tractor is a challenge, since you have to know the features of different tractors so as to buy the one that best suits your type of work. Features differ from tractor to tractor, but focus mainly on transmission, configuration, engine and fuel.

Most tractor machines, especially those that are used in farms, use the manual mode of transmission, which operates by using several gear ratios, usually three to six. The arrangement allows for slower driving speeds (1 to 40 km/h) which is suitable for carrying out farm activities such as tillage. Some old tractors use unsynchronized systems which requires drivers to stop the machine so that they can change gears. In a modern tractor, unsynchronized designs have been replaced with continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) or synchronized systems. These systems match the engine speed with the drivers final-drive speed and at the same time keeps the speed within the appropriate range.

In terms of configuration, tractors are classified into two or four-wheel drive machines. In a two-wheel drive configuration, the drive package including wheels, transmission, differential, and are driven by the engine. Only the two rear wheels receive engine torque in this configuration.
A four-wheel drive has a drivetrain that houses two differentials, and allows the engine to transmit torque to all the four wheels. Four wheel drive allows users to work even in poor conditions.

Engine and fuel
The issue with engine and fuel is whether to choose a tractor that uses diesel fuel or gasoline. A diesel engine of a tractor is built heavier in order to work harder. It is superior to a gasoline engine in relation to torque and power. On the other hand, a diesel engine can cause you problems when temperatures are low (below freezing) as it may fail to start on several occasions. A diesel engine can work fine in a cold climate, but will require you to park your tractor inside most of the times or use a pre-heater of some type.

After estimating the amount of your work, you will find it easy choosing a tractor that suits the job. Beaumont Tractor Company Inc is one place where you can get good tractor deals.

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