Factors to consider when selecting a Doggie Daycare Facility

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Pet Care

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Is doggie daycare right for your pet? It is a question we get a lot here at K9 Pet Resorts in Pennsylvania, but one we cannot answer. Whether doggie daycare is the right fit for a pet-loving family depends on a number of factors:

  1. What kind of schedule do you have?
  2. Do you have multiple pets?
  3. Is there a doggie daycare conveniently located near you?
  4. Is doggie daycare in your budget?

Of course, while all of these questions are important, the real deciding factor is your pup’s personality. Some dogs thrive in doggie daycare, while others find it overstimulating.

  1. Is your dog dog-aggressive? While doggie daycare is great to help under-socialized dogs, a truly dog-aggressive dog is not a great fit for doggie daycare.
  2. Is your dog shy? Surprisingly, shyness does not rule out doggie daycare, but it does suggest that you should try out the daycare slowly.
  3. Is your dog old or ill? Doggie daycare’s social benefits are great, but your dog should be healthy enough to participate in group play.

If you make the decision to give doggie daycare a try, there are a number of benefits you and your pet might experience:

  1. Social dogs are happy dogs. Dogs who are well-socialized tend to be less anxious and better behaved than other dogs.
  2. Daycare dogs are tired dogs because of all the playing. Dogs who engage in destructive aren’t bad dogs, they are bored or anxious dogs and doggie daycare can help them burn off that destructive energy in a good way.
  3. A safer pet; doggie daycares are puppy-proof!
  4. Weight control. Just like us, the key to physical fitness in dogs is fewer calories in and more calories out. Dogs that run and play all day long may help stave off obesity and other age-related conditions.

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