Facts about Available Mausoleum Spaces in Indianapolis, IN

The Available Mausoleum Spaces in Indianapolis IN are designed to hold the remains of deceased people who do not want to be cremated or buried in the ground. Many people do not like the idea of being burned or buried in the ground where bugs and insects can crawl all over their deceased bodies. At one time, it was thought that mausoleums were only for the families of the rich and wealthy. However, now it is possible for anyone who wants to be buried in this manner to purchase a mausoleum to be interred inside of.

Below you will find some facts about the available mausoleum spaces in Indianapolis IN that you might want to consider when you are making the decision on your burial options.

A Brief History

The idea for mausoleums came from a Persian ruler who decided that if he were buried above the ground, he would be remembered long after he died. The tomb was not completed until after the king and his queen had died and is said to have been 140 feet tall and stood on a 100-foot base.

The Pros of Mausoleums

*   Loved ones do not have the burden of caring for a gravesite for years to come.
  It makes it easier to visit your deceased loved ones.
  It is better for the environment.
*   Mausoleums are a wise choice for climates that are bitterly cold in the winter, as the ground freezes and it is hard to dig a grave.

The Cons of Mausoleums

*   The remains in mausoleums still decompose and if they are not properly, vented caskets can explode and leak bodily fluids onto the floor and the ground beneath.
  Exploding caskets can cause damage to the crypt itself.
*   While they are a good form of burial, many people feel that they are just too expensive.

These are just a few facts about mausoleums that you might want to take into consideration when you are looking at burial options. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, before you make a decision. You can visit Facebook page of Leppert Mortuary and Crematory Services for more information on mausoleums and other burial options today.

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