Facts About Roof Safety Rails in the United States That You May Not Have Known

While safety rails are not something that you may typically think about, they are a very important component to have, especially when they are placed on rooftops. However, since they are not frequently thought about, there are probably quite a few things you do now know about them. Here are some fast facts about rooftop fall protection that you should know.

Proper Usage

To make sure that safety rails are as safe as they are intended to be, they also need to be used properly. The rails need to be installed according to OSHA rules. After installation, the rails need to be professionally tested to ensure that they can bear the required load.


While safety railings don’t require extensive maintenance, there is still a lot that needs to be done. Since railings are galvanized, there is no need to worry about rust. With the easy set up, you also don’t need to worry about nuts and bolts rusting either.


Depending on the exact purpose of the safety rails for rooftop fall protection, the railings may not even need to be installed permanently. If the railings are meant only to protect construction workers while they perform their job, for example, then the railing can be portable.

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