Fail a Breathalyzer Test? Hire a DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita, KS

Most law-abiding citizens want to answer any questions a police officer asks. However, when a police officer pulls them over on the road and asks if they know why, the driver should say nothing. If they have had a few drinks with friends, they should not admit to that. The driver shouldn’t lie to the police, but he shouldn’t provide incriminating information either. He should just request to speak with a DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita KS. The driver may think being stopped the first time for drunk driving isn’t a big deal. This is especially true if no one was hurt and there is no property damage. This is wrong. A DUI charge could lead to a serious felony conviction.

Even though the driver requests a DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita KS, he is not allowed to call them before deciding to take a breathalyzer test or providing a blood sample. If he decides not to take the tests, he should do so politely. As soon as possible, he should speak with his attorney. Refusing these tests can lead to an automatic license suspension, and there may be a limited time to appeal. If the driver does take, and fail, a breathalyzer test, he may assume he will be found guilty. His lawyer knows the DUI testing equipment isn’t always accurate.

DUI Lawyers know they should always check the accuracy of the breathalyzer equipment. They also will ask to see the maintenance logs of the specific breathalyzer used to assess their client. If the equipment checks out, they can ask to see the training records of the police officer who administered the test. If any part of the test was administered improperly, it can skew the results.

It’s important drivers fight the charges as aggressively as possible. Even a first offense can lead to a lengthy license suspension. When the driver does get his license back, he’ll find he has a much higher insurance premium. He will also have to pay a fine and attend an expensive drunk driving class. A single felony conviction will also make it difficult to obtain certain professional licenses. Visit the Website of lawyers who represent drivers accused of DUI offenses for more information.

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