FAQs To Ask An Employment Lawyer

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Lawyers

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In Louisiana, employers must follow federal laws when it comes to hiring employees and how they treat these workers once they are hired. The laws prevent discrimination, sexual harassment, and other violations of employment laws. An Employment Lawyer

Can an Employer Fire a Worker Who Reported Them for Sexual Harassment?

No, according to the law, an employer that fires a worker based on a report of sexual harassment is simply admitting their wrongdoing, and the worker can file an additional claim for wrongful termination. Retaliation laws make it illegal for an employer to create a hostile work environment for those who report these events, and the laws protect their job when they take action for these crimes.

What Indicates a Case of Discrimination?

The most instances of employment discrimination involve race, gender, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation, and these cases are often associated with the employer’s personal beliefs and do not have anything to do with the merit of the candidate. Any denial of employment or promotion based on these concepts is discrimination and presents the candidate or current employee with the right to file a legal claim against the employer.

Is It Legal to Deny Overtime Pay?

Yes, according to wage and hours laws, employees must provide time and a half time for all workers who work beyond the standard forty-hour work week. These wages are based on the current rate of pay that the employee receives, and the employer cannot reduce this rate based on any tactics to save company funds. They cannot tamper with timesheets presented by the workers or make changes to avoid paying these workers overtime pay.

Are All Whistleblowers Protected Under Law?

Yes, any employee that reports their employer for a crime is protected under these laws, and the employer cannot take any action against them. The laws can also protect the identity of the employee that reported them.

In Louisiana, employers must follow all federal employment laws that pertain to their circumstances and their business. The laws prevent the employers from denying employment based religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, and race. Workers who need the assistance of an Employment Lawyer can visit chrisrichardattorney.com for more information now.

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