Features to Emphasize When It’s Time to Sell Your Dental Practice in California

There are two primary approaches to valuing a dental practice before putting it up for sale. One uses a great deal of analysis and mathematical equations to come up with a dollar amount. The other essentially considers fair market value, considering the location along with the real estate and equipment included. If it’s time to sell your dental practice in California, using the fair market value amount should lead to a faster sale with an acceptable price for both buyer and seller.

Emphasize Positive Aspects

To Sell Your dental practice in California for the best price without having to wait a long time, an effective strategy is to point out any unique and favorable aspects. If most of the staff members have said, they will stay on with the new dentist if offered the opportunity, that can be a positive aspect. A long-term loyal patient base is another plus, as many of them will likely continue coming to the practice.

Of course, the staff should be cautioned that a new dentist coming in from a nearby practice may bring his or her hygienists, assistants, and office personnel. Unless that dentist is planning to keep the other clinic running, dual support staff members will probably be unnecessary.

Options for Selling

Some dentists decide to list their clinic with a brokerage such as Western Practice Sales and others sell directly to the broker so they can start the next chapter of their lives as soon as possible. They have the option of listing the clinic with a real estate agent, but this usually isn’t the best way to reach other dentists who are looking to buy a practice and are open to moving to a new area.

If the dentist is having the clinic listed for sale, this person may want the information to include details about the economic health of the immediate region and other positive features as well. The listing may be enticing possible buyers from hundreds of miles away or even from an entirely different part of the country. If the setting is somewhat rural, the emphasis can be on the great advantages of small-town life.

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