Fight The Frizz This Summer

Summer is here, and with it comes all the joys of warm weather, sunburn, mosquitoes, and humidity. A Lot of us blame the sticky air for sending our hair into a frizzy mess, and some even try to hide their shame with a hat. The secret to silky smooth hair has little to do with heat, and everything to do with the way you look after it. That of course, starts in the shower. We all have a different kind of hair texture, that’s why people visit hair salons in Houston TX. It’s important to use the right products for your hair in order to get the best results possible. However, some people struggle to get their hair under control. Luckily for them, they can visit hair salons in Houston TX once a month to get things back under control. Find your hairstyle below and see how to look after it in the best way.


Even fine hair can get wispy and frizzy. The best way to stop this is to remember to use conditioner. Conditioning helps to maintain smoothness and keeps the dreaded frizz at bay. Focus on the end of your hair to stop the conditioner from weighing down the hair. Dry hair is the main cause of frizzy hair, so never skimp on the conditioner.

Wavy, Coarse, And Curly

People with these types of hair will have to use a certain type of shampoo and conditioner that has been developed for that hair type. Most brands have their own line of products for curly hair, they also work wonders with wavy hair. A moisturizing shampoo is highly recommended as regular ones will dry out your hair and lead to an ultra-frizzy head of hair. Only brush your hair when it is wet and even then, use a hair brush designed for wet hair for the best results.

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