Filling in the Gaps: Your Guide to Getting New Dental Implants

Getting dental implants in Plano make a great treatment choice when you have one or more missing teeth. It is not a good idea to leave the gap left by a missing tooth unfilled. One reason is that surrounding teeth can shift into this empty space, which can really affect the look of your smile. Another reason is that the underlying jawbone can begin to deteriorate without the presence of a substitute tooth root that is provided by a dental implant. As your jawbone deteriorates, your facial appearance can even be affected, making you appear older than your actual age.

Dental implants come in two forms: endosteal and subperiosteal. The endosteal version involves a surgical attachment right into the jawbone using a titanium post. Except for the crown itself, the complete structure is concealed under your gums, looking and feeling just like a normal tooth. The subperiosteal implant fits into your jawbone with a metal frame, instead of being screwed into it. This is a good treatment choice whenever you do not have the necessary bone structure for an endosteal implant.

What about braces?

If you do not already have an implant, but require an orthodontic procedure to straighten your teeth, it is normally advised that you first get braces. Since a dental implant is placed into the jawbone, it will not shift, making it a good choice for an anchor to shift other teeth into proper positions. However, this is only when they are in the correct initial position. If they are not in the correct position, existing dental implants may require removal and reattachment after your braces have done their work.

If you are ready to have the best dental implants Plano can offer, please reach out to Loan Star Dental Care to schedule your consultation.

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