Find an Effective Treatment Plan for Snoring to Help You and Your Partner

You’ve been told that you snore loudly every night. Your family has recorded you. You can’t deny it. It’s put a strain on the household. Your partner has moved to the spare room to get a good night’s rest. Your children complain that they can hear the noise rattling through their walls. You need to do something about it. Not only is snoring annoying, it can also contribute to serious health risks. Snoring treatment in North Vancouver can help everyone in your home to have a peaceful night’s rest.

Why Are You Snoring?

snoring is typically caused
by an obstruction in your nasal passages, a collapse of the tissues in your throat while you are sleeping, an excess of tissue in your throat or a soft palate that is longer than average. Your snoring may not only disrupt the sleep of your family members. It could be causing you to have poor sleep quality as well. Worse yet, you could be suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea means that you are not getting enough oxygen while you sleep. This can affect your heart. To reduce the risk of developing health problems and to sleep better, snoring treatment in North Vancouver could help you.

What Are Your Options for Snoring Treatment?

Snoring treatment could be as simple as using a different type of pillow when you are sleeping. You could try raising the head of your bed or shifting to your side. Nasal strips applied to your nose could be the answer. Losing weight could reduce the amount of tissue in your throat. Snore Lase MD is a simple procedure in which tissues in your throat and at the base of your nasal passages are gently heated with a laser. The heat stimulates collagen production, effectively tightening the targeted tissues. As a result, you may eliminate your snoring or improve it significantly. The best treatment will be based on your needs.

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